The Committee listed below has been appointed by the Bishop to manage the Link between Portsmouth and Bamenda. Legally, with regards to its financial function of channelling aid to Bamenda, it operates under the auspices of the Portsmouth Diocesan Trustees Reg'd, and its terms of reference have been approved by them.

Chair: Mr. Colm Lennon –

Vice- Chair : Mrs. Jo Overton  -

Secretary: Miss Sylvia Foster –

Treasurer : Mr Bob Hayes –

Projects: Mr. Pat Feighery –

School Twinning/Education: Mr. Sean tucker –


Miss Mary Lee: –
Miss Paula Medd: –
Mrs. Rosemary Farrow:  -
Rev. Mgr. Vincent Harvey: -
Mr. Giddeon Angefor: –
Mr. Alan Sendall (Trustee): –